Tsingrand Consulting Co., Ltd is a service provider of cyber marketing and student recruitment for overseas institutions in China market.

Cyber Marketing

Cyber marketing is to design a Chinese website for an overseas institution and extend from this website to other on-line marketing tools.

Language Makes the Differences

In China, parents play an important role in student recruitment and co-make the final decision as they are financial provider of overseas study. Therefore Chinese parents would learn detailed information of institution and course as possible. It is a great challenge for Chinese parents to browse institution’ corporate website to find the information since their English proficiency is usually limited. The purpose of a Chinese website of overseas institution is to help Chinese parents to get a profound knowledge about the institution and programs their children may choose to study. Knowledge may bring about understanding which may lead to decision.

A Chinese website would help Chinese students either though these students have the proficiency to browse the corporate website. The institution’s website is designed for all international students with diversified information. A Chinese website is designed specifically for China market. It would help Chinese students to escape from “information noise” and go straightly to their required information in a shorter time and in an easier way.

A Chinese website would help recruitment agents either. A specifically designed Chinese website would focus on related information for China market. It would be easier and quicker for agents to be familiarized with knowledge about institution and program and promote to students. The website would function as a training tool for agents.

Contact Time Extended

As per our experience, visitors would spend more time when browsing Chinese-language website and read more carefully. If there is on-line enquiry function, visitors may feel easy to communicate with provider and be happy to raise any questions or enquiries. If such enquiries being properly replied, and further more questions or enquiries being properly replied, this may greatly extend “contact time”, which may encourage visitors’ interest to start application.

Our Strength

Tsingrand staff has the expertise in the industry, China market and customers. The founder of Tsingrand Catharine Ren has worked as Chinese representative for the University of Adelaide for over ten years. The number of Chinese students enrolled in the University of Adelaide has increased from 40 in 2001 to 3000 in 2012. We have profound knowledge in how to make up a marketing plan for overseas client institution, how to approach students and parents, how to work with agents.

What We Do

Website registration
Structure design
Content preparation and translation
Website maintenance
Data analysis
On-line enquiry
Social media
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A Demo of Our Service

Chinese website of universities.

American Honors

Prince Alfred College

The University of Adelaide

Cyber Marketing is  the most cost-effective way to reach the huge and complex market of China.
Tsingrand’s services help you to tackle the hugeness and complexity. 

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